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Executive Search: Director of Golf Operations at Clovelly Golf Club


The Club: One of Atlantic Canada’s premier golfing facilities and social clubs, Clovelly is known for its two exceptional 18-hole courses, The Osprey and Black Duck. Nestled in the northeast end of St. John’s, Newfoundland amidst natural surroundings, we pride ourselves on being a family friendly club with a dynamic membership that thrives on camaraderie, friendship and fun. The Clovelly experience is much more than just exceptional golf. Our members and the general public can enjoy a variety of special events – everything from wine tastings to dinner theatre – and delicious dining at our restaurant; as well as have access to our beautiful facilities for private or corporate functions.

Position: Director of Golf Operations

Reports to: General Manager and serves as a member of the Management Team

Remuneration: A salaried employee including performance bonus with compensation commensurate with skills, experience and market.


  • The Director of Golf will ensure all operations which impact the Golf Operations are managed effectively, efficiently and to the ‘Standard of Excellence’ as defined by the Owner/General Manager of the Club.

Golf Operations defined as:

  • Managing the use of the golf course through yield management processes which maximize the use of rounds inventory;
  • The operation of the range and practice facilities, rental program for golf carts and clubs;
  • Retail operation in the Pro Shop;
  • Managing golf events for both members and outside tournaments;
  • Organize, develop and supervise any defined teaching programs (based upon input from the General Manager and members/patrons) for all ages and all skill levels; and,
  • Help develop events/marketing material which will create greater use of all facilities.

The Director of Golf supervises:

  • All Golf Shop Staff
  • Outside Golf Operations Staff
  • Golf Shop Attendants
  • Back shop/driving range attendants
  • Player assistants/starters


  • The Director of Golf:
    • Will be a member of the Management Team and will work in a diligent manner to ensure all Club operations work efficiently and effectively. As such, the Director of Golf will, at times, work directly with the Greens Superintendent and the Food and Beverage Manager to ensure information is shared in a timely manner which will enable all managers to have appropriate information to undertake their responsibilities.
    • Will also be given the opportunity to review existing operations and processes and make recommendations to the General Manager regarding any opportunities for improvement in service and overall Club profitability.
    • Will handle all golf operation complaints in a professional manner.
    • Will develop an annual Golf Operations budget.
    • Will represent the Club’s best interests with all outside agencies including suppliers.


  1. Retail Operation:
    • Develops the retail program in accordance with established policies including a purchase program, pricing program and inventory control program.
    • Ensures the understanding of the financial systems and controls for the Pro Shop and trains all staff appropriately to ensure compliance with the financial systems and controls.
    • Provides a reasonable selection of merchandise in concert with the needs and wants of the members/patrons.Ensures there is an understanding of the budget and complies with budget requirements.
    • Hires staff to provide guest service in all aspects of the operation and ensures that the staff are properly trained.
    • Ensures that quality service is a priority amongst all staff.
  2. Controlling the Use of the Golf Course:
    • In accordance with the policies of the Club and the playing privileges, ensure authorized use only of the golf course occurs. This includes ensuring guests (members and public play) with limited playing privileges adhere to the rules, limiting guest and complimentary play according to the rules and ensuring that all guests are appropriately registered and paid for.
    • Starting the first tee to ensure that the golf courses are used efficiently in order to maximize both total rounds and price per round, and that an accurate account of course play is maintained at all times.
    • Manage the booking system selected by the Club for the golf course and ensure that it is applied according to the rules in a logical fashion – and as determined by direction from the General Manager.
  3. Golf Program Support:
    • Provide appropriate assistance to ensure that the golf programs and events are implemented in a professional manner.
  4. Golf Improvement Program:
    • Design and implement a well-rounded program of lesson programs, group and private, to meet the needs of the guests.
  5. Range and Practice Facility Program:
    • Design and implement a program to provide enhanced services on the range and practice facilities for the benefit and enjoyment of the guests and to maximize profitability from range use.
  6. Pro Shop Services:
    • Provide a secure and professional Pro Shop. This will include the hiring, training and supervision of Pro Shop service staff, permanent and part-time.
  7. Cart Program:
    • Implement an organized plan for Cart Services, both pull carts and power carts. This will include appropriate use and rental of power carts, maintenance, cleaning and preparation of both pull and power carts and appropriate care and protection of the Club’s assets.
  8. Pro Shop Support:
    • Participate in the staffing of the Pro Shop and be fully knowledgeable of all systems and procedures including retail, booking, club fitting and member service.
  9. Pro Shop Liaison:
    • Represent the Pro Shop and provide the view of a PGA Professional to the Club and its management, including the Ownership Group.
  10. Other:
    • Any other responsibilities that may reasonably be assigned from time to time in the course of normal operations.


  • Member of the CPGA in good standing and holding “A” status.
  • A university or college degree would be beneficial, especially with a business focus.
  • Strong interpersonal skills with the ability to work as a “Team Player” and provide leadership skills.
  • Playing and teaching ability are important; however, operating and business skills are more important.

IMPORTANT: Interested candidates should submit resumes along with a detailed cover letter which addresses the qualifications and describes your alignment/experience with the prescribed position by January 8, 2018. Those documents must be saved and emailed in Word or PDF format (save as “Last Name, First Name Clovelly Resume” and “Last Name, First Name – Clovelly Cover Letter”) respectively to:

Mr. Stephen Johnston
Global Golf Advisors Inc.

For more information on Clovelly Golf Club:

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