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With deep roots in public accounting and unrivalled experience with golf-specific asset development, financing, appreciation and investment strategies, GGA is uniquely qualified to assist private equity groups, financial institutions, individual investors and lenders with their most complex problems.


Our asset management team retain vast knowledge and experience in measuring and determining the value of golf assets, planning and implementing value enhancement strategies and in executing appropriate exit strategies to maximise returns.

Our approach is data-driven, guided by our proprietary global databank of key performance and best practice metrics delivered by our benchmarking technologies and research initiatives. We also retain capital planning expertise to identify delayed capital issues, plan long-term enhancement programs, and evaluate higher and best purpose.

Finally, we are hands-on, serving as a member of your team in shaping and implementing strategic and tactical management solutions.


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  • Strategic Planning

  • Operation Management Solutions

  • Risk Management

  • Estate Planning

  • Due Diligence

  • Benchmarking and Best Practice

  • Capital Expenditure Planning

  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Strategies

  • Investor Exit Strategies

  • Equity and Debt Finance Sourcing

  • Bridge and Take-out Financing

  • Strategic Tax Planning

  • Merger, Acquisition and Divestiture Strategies

  • Purchase and Sale Negotiations

  • Transaction Structuring and Evaluation

  • Business Valuation Services

  • Feasibility Study and Preparation

  • Expert Testimony


Celebrating Client Success in Transaction Advisory

Handling complex club transactions can be challenging and, in many ways, celebrating the success of your clients can feel equally challenging and at times unnatural. For all the right reasons, seldom do such celebrations recognize and truly appreciate each of the obstacles and challenges clients encounter along their path to success. Indeed, during last year’s […]

The Revenue Menu

At a typical golf club, who should be involved in building revenue for the club? Building revenue is a part of everyone’s job at a club. If you are a leader, it’s important that everyone under you shares your vision to increase sales.  That necessitates good communication, as with any efficient team, but if all […]

GGA and Bigwin Realty Announce Transaction Advisory Partnership

TORONTO, ONTARIO – October 1, 2018 Global Golf Advisors Inc. (“GGA”) and Bigwin Realty Inc. (“Bigwin Realty”) are pleased to announce the formation of a new partnership focused on providing industry-leading advisory services around the purchase and sale of golf course properties in Canada. Craig Johnston, Director – Transaction Advisory of GGA said, “We believe […]

Agronomic Planning – Avoid Canine Brunch

Those who know our firm are aware of the value we place on plans that focus resources and actions against strategic goals and objectives. But too often our plans turn into something resembling a dog’s breakfast: a mess of opportunity, necessity and happenstance. To avoid agronomic plans that are similarly inconsistent and random, here are […]

State of the Industry 2018: GGA Optimistic on Golf’s Future

GGA Partner and Principal Henry DeLozier was asked to weigh in on the future of golf as part of Golf Course Industry Magazine’s annual state of the industry piece, titled this year “State of the Industry 2018: The Great Reinvestment“. Despite the industry’s cuts, closures, and tumbles, DeLozier and Global Golf Advisors remain optimistic about […]

Transform your Club Data to Insights for Success

As a club leader, you already possess a resource which can transform the performance of your business and contribute mightily to its long-term success. It’s your collection of operational and financial data. Let’s put this in context. Intel tells us that up to 2003, our world had generated some five exabytes of information. Today, this […]



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