Every kind of service necessary to the public good becomes honourable by being necessary. – Albert Schweitzer

Over the years with government-owned golf properties, GGA has gained invaluable knowledge and understanding of serving the public trust. It takes experience, authority and respect to work with a government entity. Our experience brings an understanding that businesses which are responsible to the public trust require additional time and engagement. We observe the rules and procedures under which government officials are called upon to act. And we are mindful that our viewpoint is not the only one that should be heard.


We understand that government agencies and municipalities need time to process information, prefer open and transparent dealings with their staff and citizens and require patience with the public process. Authority is needed in matters that require accurate information, thorough research and the benefit of reliable experience. In the public arena, people question facts and data; having authority enables an expert to confirm the accuracy and openness of the data and the process that is being used. Respect for the people and the process that a review of a city golf course requires is elemental.

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GGA is consistently called upon by cities, councils and municipalities to evaluate and advise on the operational performance of their golf facilities. This objective and independent analysis serves as a support to management teams and an auditory responsibility to public servants. GGA will also assist with management tendering, selection and monitoring processes.

• Operations Audit
• Benchmark Analysis
• Budget Reviews and Planning
• Operations Plan
• Procurement Reviews

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Process and Internal Controls

There is a pressing need on public service departments to upgrade and augment internal audit capabilities for public golf assets. At GGA we appreciate that the internal audit function should provide transparency, efficiencies, reduce risk, contribute to better business performance and generate strategic value. The quality of our work is a result of our unique heritage in public accounting, our access to global best practices and benchmarking data, highly-specialised golf industry capabilities, and experience of working with government entities and non-for-profit organisations.

• Internal Process and Control Audit
• Creation of Effective Control and Audit Environment
• Business Performance Measurement
• Instil high-performance and ethical practices

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Capital and Asset Strategy

Government, agencies and publicly funded bodies are under intense scrutiny internally and by the public to be increasingly transparent and responsible in the management of public assets. The effective management of fixed assets is an increasing challenge.

• Capital Maintenance Review
• Long-Range Capital Expense Plans
• Asset Strategy
• Investment Planning

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  • City of Saint John
    New Brunswick
  • City of Los Angeles
    Los Angeles, CA
  • National Capital Commission
    Ottawa, ON
  • Salt Lake City Corporation
    Salt Lake City, UT
  • AkSarBen Future Trust
    Omaha City, OM
  • Parks Canada – Highland Links Golf Club
    Cape Breton Island, NS
  • St. Lawrence Parks Commission for the Upper Canada Golf Course
    Morrisburg, ON
  • St. Clair Parks Commission for the St. Clair Parkway Golf Course
    Mooretown, ON
  • Fundy Golf Course
    Fundy National Park, NB
  • City of Oklahoma City for the public golf courses
    Oklahoma City, OK
  • Niagara Parks Commission for the The Legends of Niagara
    Niagara Falls, ON
  • Ministry of Tourism, Golf PEI,
    Prince Edward Island
  • Golf Links, PEI including The Links at Crowbush Cove, Brudenell River Golf Club, Dundarave Golf Club
    Prince Edward Island Province
  • City of Vancouver for the City-owned golf course portfolio
    Vancouver, BC
  • City of Waterloo for the Grey Silo Golf Course
    Waterloo, ON
  • City of Sacramento for the City golf portfolio
    Sacramento, CA
  • City of Red Deer Parks and Recreation for Riverbend Golf Course
    Red Deer, AB
  • City of Kitchener for Doon Valley Golf Club
    Kitchener, ON
  • City of Inver Grove Heights for the Inver Wood Golf Course
    Inver Grove Heights, MN
  • City of Guelph for the Guelph golf market study
    Guelph, ON
  • City of Dublin for The Golf Club of Dublin
    Dublin, OH
  • City of Calgary for the Golf Course Portfolio
    Calgary, AB
  • Canadian Independent School District
    Canadian, TX



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