Henry DeLozier


Strategic planning is one of the mission critical jobs of a great board of directors. Actionable strategic vision is a hallmark of top-performing clubs.

BA, English, Oklahoma State University

Henry DeLozier is considered one of the leading authorities on golf course asset development and financing. Henry is recognized within the golf industry for his uncommon understanding of golf and residential properties. He is known as a no-nonsense profit producer, an innovative marketer and an advocate of exceptional customer service. His career history reflects new concept introductions and numerous successful business turnarounds.

Henry joined GGA in 2008 after nine years as the Vice President – Golf of Pulte Homes, the largest developer of golf course communities in the U.S. While at Pulte Homes, Henry developed 27 golf courses in 10 states. During his tenure, Pulte Homes became the largest developer of golf communities and of golf courses in the U.S. with more than $500 million in developed golf assets. In addition, he was responsible for the operation of more than 20 Pulte golf courses.

Henry has been recognized by Golf Inc. magazine as one of the “Most Influential People in Golf”. He is a Past President of the Board of Directors of the National Golf Course Owners Association and serves on the Employers Advisory Council for the PGA of America.

A “go to” resource on matters of golf-related resort and residential investment and development, Henry is often asked by U.S. and international media to comment on social and economic trends affecting the golf business.



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