Continuously Evaluate Strategy,
Enhance Governance,
Monitor Performance,
Support Planning, and Adapt.


Selected GGA clients are invited to participate in our powerful Strategic Intelligence (SI) platform.

This suite of bespoke intelligence tools, driven by the very latest data capture and analytics software, and tailored to each club’s unique circumstances, empowers our clients to make highly-informed strategic decisions for competitive advantage.

  • Bring seamless strategy and adaptive planning to your Club.

  • Continuously evaluate strategy, monitor performance, support planning and adapt.

  • Identify and transform macro and micro economic intelligence into actionable knowledge and insight every year.

  • Improve the productivity and effectiveness of your board and management meetings with sophisticated and reliable internal and external market, operational and financial intelligence.

Please be advised that the SI is only available by invitation to carefully selected clients.


GGA’s Institute for Best Practice (IBP) is a research and education initiative aimed at defining and sharing qualitative and quantitative data amongst the world’s top clubs in areas such as customer care, community engagement, employee management, governance, membership, marketing and strategic planning.

The IBP has the support of The World Golf Foundation, The Club Managers Association of America, The Asian Golf Industry Federation, Golf Environment Organization and the Tourism College of Sun Yat-Sen University. Research in China has been completed in collaboration with Dr. Aylwin Tai of the CMAA China Chapter.

For those club’s that participate in the IBP, we assess each function’s contribution to business value relative to its cost of delivering services. Our approach considers:

  • Qualitative measures such as alignment with business goals

  • Quantitative measures such as cost, cycle time, FTE effort, use of shared services, and application complexity

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