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GGA’s team of professionals provide our clients with highly meaningful and vetted business intelligence that they can call on at a moment’s notice. This business intelligence is supported by comprehensive and meaningful research conducted by GGA’s Intitute for Best Practice:


Industry wide human and economic intelligence and research initiatives on behalf of GGA clients and in support of broader industry education.


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Bringing Innovation and Creativity to Events (Case Study)

However big or small the event, there’s always reason to inject creativity and innovation to make it memorable for all involved. This is an approach Medinah Country Club has pioneered for over 95 years. So, what are they doing, and what can you learn? We turned to General Manager and Chief Operating Officer, Robert Sereci, […]

How to Develop an Enviable (and Profitable) Events Calendar

A thriving events calendar, if delivered well, can propel member satisfaction and loyalty to new levels. But first you need to understand what works, and how to measure event success. We enlisted the help of GGA’s Patrick DeLozier, who has over 14 years’ experience delivering events at some of the top clubs in the country, […]

Boosting Your Club’s Brand Through Events

Sustaining a lively events calendar can be challenging – on a practical level, operational level and commercial level. However, even though they may not always pay their way, they are fundamentally important to conveying what your club is, and what it represents. GGA’s Linda Dillenbeck explains why. Beyond access to an enjoyable round of golf, […]

GGA to Offer Sophisticated Electronic Voting Services to Private Clubs

Exclusive partnership with Simply Voting provides private clubs access to a secure online voting platform for club elections. Global Golf Advisors (GGA) and Simply Voting have formed an exclusive partnership to provide a secure voting platform designed to allow private club members a simple and easily accessible manner in which to cast ballots during club […]

Is Your Club Relevant?

If your club is relevant, it is closely connected to members’ lifestyles and appropriate to their wants and needs. But how do you determine if your club really is relevant? GGA’s Ben Hopkinson offers three points of guidance to help you self-evaluate and a handful of tactics to deploy in response. Longevity requires relevance. Survival […]

Inspiring Member Introductions

New members can be difficult to come by, especially during times of economic turbulence. But your existing core membership can hold the key to unlocking a wave of new members. GGA’s Michael Gregory explains how. Why are your current members a valuable avenue for new members? Members who have developed an emotional connection with your […]

Become an Employer of Choice

The order of the day went straight to the point: “England expects that every man will do his duty.” In the 1805 Battle of Trafalgar, one of England’s more decisive naval battles, Admiral Lord Nelson called upon the sailors of his island nation to ward off an attack by the combined French and Spanish navies. […]

Community… and How To Build It

A member’s relationship with your club will feel infinitely more connected, more substantial and more emotional if they are part of a community. But how do you create a community at your club? Can you create a community? GGA’s Henry DeLozier has the answers. It is a genuine sense of community – and the opportunity […]

Make Time for Strategic Thinking

Do executives at your club know what a strategic plan really is? Club executives often confuse a strategic plan with a master plan, a capital expense budget or standard operating procedures when in fact it is none of those things. “A strategic plan is an all-encompassing game plan. It is a plan of action designed […]

Grasshoppers, Water, and the Golf Business

Beginning in June 1874, a swarm of grasshoppers dense enough to block the sun’s rays – so copious that you could scoop them up with shovels – descended on the drought-ravaged Great Plains. They mowed down crops and brought economic devastation to entire communities. In a scene eerily familiar, the chewing herbivorous insects, a close […]

3 Attributes of an Outstanding Club Manager

What does it take to be an outstanding club manager? And for clubs seeking to fill this role, what attributes should they be looking for? GGA’s new Executive Search Director, Patrick DeLozier, explains what it takes to be among the best private club managers. It takes a particular type of individual to be a club […]

Looking Outside the Boardroom

Board members are an important source of experience and knowledge. But when making strategic decisions on the future direction of the club, that expertise can easily be hampered by a lack of access to valuable data and actionable information. GGA’s Bennett DeLozier explains how to connect your board with the critical insights they need from […]