Capetown, South Africa – Situated at the tip of Africa, Capetown is truly one of the world’s most beautiful cities. A labour-intensive sector employing one in every twelve and a supply chain that links across sectors, tourism remains a priority in the government’s planning and policy framework.

Member or customer satisfaction is a key performance indicator in the service industry. A club should expect to be and seek to have its performance evaluated based on their ability to both understand and meet the needs of those they serve. In private member clubs, it is the ability to do so consistently that differentiates a good club from a great one.


At GGA, our dedicated survey team is committed to supporting clubs and facilities in the measurement of member satisfaction and most critically, in the interpretation of such data to deliver positive outcomes and success.

Our team will tailor an annual survey specifically to your club, manage the distribution and response process, analyze satisfaction trends at your club and present a report of findings, conclusions and advisable actions to guide positive outcomes.


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Stop Thinking ‘Retention’, Start Thinking ‘Relationship’

Retention is something of a time-selective phrase in club management. Its definition has, arguably, become too closely rooted in taking action (usually) at the time of membership renewals to ensure as many existing members continue their membership as possible. While that is a plausible (and at times necessary) position to take, the side effect is […]

Is Your Club Relevant?

If your club is relevant, it is closely connected to members’ lifestyles and appropriate to their wants and needs. But how do you determine if your club really is relevant? GGA’s Ben Hopkinson offers three points of guidance to help you self-evaluate and a handful of tactics to deploy in response. Longevity requires relevance. Survival […]

Inspiring Member Introductions

New members can be difficult to come by, especially during times of economic turbulence. But your existing core membership can hold the key to unlocking a wave of new members. GGA’s Michael Gregory explains how. Why are your current members a valuable avenue for new members? Members who have developed an emotional connection with your […]

Avoiding a Category Overload

When was the last time you conducted a thorough review into your membership categories? GGA’s Bennett DeLozier explains how a streamlining process can help to slim down the number of categories and keep them relevant in today’s marketplace. “Confusion and clutter are failures of design, not attributes of information” – Edward Tufte Across North America […]

The Club for Millennials

On the back of GGA’s largest piece of millennial research to date, Michael Gregory answers your questions, revealing how the findings paint a clear picture of who clubs need to target in order to build the next generation of members and customers. For 3 years GGA and Nextgengolf have analyzed the behavior and attitudes of […]

Season Proofing Your Club

For clubs facing seasonal challenges, maintaining member engagement year-round can be challenging. GGA’s Stephen Johnston provides insights on how to keep members connected to your club – whatever the weather. Risk. This is the first word that comes to mind for clubs poorly positioned to appeal to existing or prospective members during the off-season. Increasingly, […]



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  • Belle Meade Country Club
    Nashville, TN
  • The Governors Club
    Brentwood, TN
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    St. Catharines, ON
  • Hacienda Golf Club
    La Habra Heights, CA
  • Islington Golf Club
    Etobicoke, ON
  • Carleton Golf & Yacht Club
    Ottawa, ON
  • Credit Valley Golf and Country Club
    Mississauga, ON
  • IronWood Country Club
    Palm Desert, CA
  • Scarboro Golf & Country Club
    Toronto, ON
  • Paradise Valley Country Club
    Paradise Valley, AZ
  • Wentworth Club
    Surrey, UK
  • St. George’s Golf & Country Club
    Toronto, ON
  • Phoenix Country Club
    Phoenix, AZ
  • Medinah Country Club
    Chicago, IL
  • Beacon Hall Golf Club
    Toronto, ON



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