Berlin, Germany – Germany is Europe’s largest economy and the fifth by GDP in the world. Golf participation continues to grow and as is typical for central and northern Europe, female and junior participation is consistent with that of men.

The importance of internal control in the operations and financial reporting of a club or business cannot be over-emphasized as the existence or absence of a vetted process determines the quality of output produced in the financial statements. A present and functioning internal control process provides a “reasonable assurance” that process are robust, risks are being managed, and that amounts presented in the financial statements are accurate and can be relied upon for informed decision making.


The operation and management of your club or facility will involve thousands of processes every day. Managing reservations and enquiries, applications, invoicing and billing, cash and credit transactions, events and communications may be just a few. When processes aren’t functioning effectively it often results in dissatisfied members or customers, frustrated staff, an expense in time and money and a question over the reliability of reported information.

GGA’s heritage in professional services and our vast industry experience uniquely positions us to evaluate an operations’ internal controls and business processes with the objective of improving efficiency, trust, and customer satisfaction while reducing the risk of duplicity or fraud.


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  • Internal Control Audits

  • Operational Process Reviews

  • Risk Assesments

  • Procurement Analysis

  • Administrative Audits


2018 Club Governance Model Executive Summary

The Club Governance Model (Model), which was developed in 2007 and updated in 2018, is built upon accepted principles and best practices in nonprofit governance. Although this Model is directed primarily toward member-owned clubs, the principles embodied in the Model are no less applicable to clubs with a different ownership structure. The primary purpose of […]

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